Best Price Guarantee

We are determined to earn your trust and business. That's why Postage Ink Solutions is the only postage meter ink supplier to offer a Price-Match Guarantee AND 30-day Risk-Free trial.

See for yourself why we are becoming the preferred vendor of Pitney Bowes supplies for companies of all sizes - from local bakeries, to Fortune 500, to Federal government organizations, and everything in between.

Our customers save an average of 58% vs. buying from Pitney Bowes or leading competitors like OfficeMax® and Staples. Most other manufacturers and resellers aren’t accurate comparisons because their products are either remanufactured, refilled, aren’t manufactured to USPS specifications, or otherwise USPS-tested and approved. With us, you’re guaranteed brand new products that are manufactured in the USA and USPS-approved.

We are confident that we can provide you with the industry's best ink cartridges at the best price. As a matter of fact, if you can provide us with confirmation of a competitor's offer that is better and we can't meet or beat it, we will pay you $250.

Qualified Competitors:
The Best Price Guarantee program applies to other retail and e-commerce merchants that resell the same brand new, United States Postal Service (USPS®) approved Pitney Bowes ink cartridges as Postage Ink Solutions™, which will be verified with the competitor by a Postage Ink Solutions representative.

Written Approval:
To qualify for the Best Price Guarantee program, a buyer is required to provide Postage Ink Solutions™ with a written approval/commitment letter from a Qualified Competitor. Backordered, or merchandise otherwise not readily available, do not qualify for this program.

To qualify for a $250 cash award, a competitor program needs to be presented prior to purchase with Postage Ink Solutions™.

Cash Award Payment Timing:
In the event that Postage Ink Solutions™ pays a $250 cash award, payment will not be made until buyer demonstrates "proof of purchase" from a qualifying competitor. Typically, proof of purchase is satisfied by providing Postage Ink Solutions™ with a copy of the settled invoice and delivery confirmation relating to our competitor's product.