Postage Tape

Our Pitney Bowes postage meter tapes are produced with a smudge resistant open face stock which allows for excellent ink absorption to eliminate smearing. An ultra permanent adhesive allows for the paper to adhere to a wider range of surfaces. Also, our lay flat machine grade backing sheet prevents curling for consistent feeding through postal machines. All of our meter tapes comply with Federal Postal Specifications & Mail Manual Regulation 144.444.

PITNEY BOWES 620-9 Premium Postage Tape Sheets
Pitney Bowes:$40.99
Our Price:$24.95
PITNEY BOWES 625-0 Premium Postage Tape Strips
Pitney Bowes:$47.99
Our Price:$29.95
PITNEY BOWES 627-2  Gummed Tape Rolls (6-Pack)
Pitney Bowes:$70.99
Our Price:$34.95
PITNEY BOWES 627-8 Postage Tape Rolls (3-Pack)
Pitney Bowes:$85.99
Our Price:$39.95