PITNEY BOWES 627-2 Gummed Tape Rolls (6-Pack)

PITNEY BOWES 627-2  Gummed Tape Rolls (6-Pack)
PITNEY BOWES 627-2  Gummed Tape Rolls (6-Pack)
PITNEY BOWES 627-2 Gummed Tape Rolls (6-Pack)
Item#: 627-2-E100P-9440
Expected Delivery: Usually ships the same business day
Pitney Bowes:$70.99
Our Price:$34.95

 OEM Part#: 627-2
 Printer Maker: PITNEY BOWES
 Page Yield: 600
 For Machine Series:

 Color: White
 Printer Technology: Tape Roll
 Condition: Compatible

 In Stock: Yes. Ships same business day.

Official USPS®-approved PITNEY BOWES 627-2 Gummed Tape Rolls for your:

    - Pitney Bowes DM800
    - Pitney Bowes DM800i
    - Pitney Bowes DM825
    - Pitney Bowes DM875
    - Pitney Bowes DM900
    - Pitney Bowes DM925
    - Pitney Bowes DM1000
    - Pitney Bowes DM1100
    - Pitney Bowes Paragon
    - Pitney Bowes Galaxy
    - Pitney Bowes Secap DP800
    - Pitney Bowes Secap DP1000

Quality. Our Premium Pitney Bowes Postage Meter Tapes are produced with a smudge resistant open face stock which allows for excellent ink absorption to eliminate smearing. An ultra permanent adhesive allows for the paper to adhere to a wider range of surfaces. Also, our lay flat machine grade backing sheet prevents curling for consistent feeding through postal machines. All of our meter tapes comply with Federal Postal Specifications & Mail Manual Regulation 144.444.

Value. Only the OEM and our Pitney Bowes gummed tape rolls have been tested and approved by the US Postal Service.

Simple. There are absolutely NO changeover issues when replacing your Pitney Bowes-brand gummed tape rolls with ours and will NOT void your meter warranty. Just replace your current postage tape rolls with ours, and you’re ready to go.

Fast. We process your order the same day it comes in—day or night—and ship same day on all orders before 4PM Eastern. We ship from 6 Quick Ship™ distribution centers across the US, guaranteeing the fastest standard delivery, with virtually all ink orders delivering within 1-4 business days. Take advantage of this premium service for FREE on orders of $50 or more.

Prepared. Our inventory is extensively measured everyday to ensure your Pitney Bowes supplies are on hand and ready to ship when you need it. We continue to carry our 100% order fulfillment (no backorders), which is more than Pitney Bowes can say, and a commonly cited reason by many of our customers for making the switch.

Guaranteed. These Pitney Bowes gummed tape rolls are fully backed by a Performance Guarantee and further supported by a Money Back Guarantee if you are not entirely satisfied. We also offer a Low-Price Guarantee, so you can be confident in your purchase and move on to the more important things in your day.

Can you think of a better source for your Pitney Bowes supplies?
I have had some cartridges that did not give me the stated yield. They ran out too fast. Does the USPS cartridge last longer than the Pitney?

All USPS cartridges have slightly MORE ink than an OEM to ensure maximum yield is achieved in all usage situations.
However: Ink usage in these meters is controlled by two factors. One is the number of indicia you print.
This is actually the lesser of the two factors, as you could print 3 to 4 times the stated yield with a new cartridge if you simply ran that number of letters through after installation. The main factor in yield for these models is the amount of time a cartridge is in the machine. The meters “autopurge” the printhead on a timed basis, and a typical purge will consume vastly greater quantities of ink than simple indicia printing. So yield is a matter of the number of indicia printed and the time the meter is idle. This creates a yield variance over several cartridges. That is why the OEM states the yield in both number of indicia OR 3 to 4 months.

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